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My philosophy, concisely? —–>>

I wish to live on earth in a way that creates health and thus in a way that every human could model to live in abundance. I want humans to create and to sustain health of the air, water, and earth, not solely for humans but rather for both plant and animal communities too.

Beauty equals health, beauty is functional, and beauty is shared!

Nature’s cycles of that which lives transforming into fertility is an example of beauty nourishing life. Leaves cycle back into the soil to nourish plants and animals, and so on and so forth. Human’s even eat fruit and veggies which through compost processes of heat and time likewise will transform into fertility of and for the earth and her inhabitants. Fertility nourishes health. What is apparent to me is that human’s  have in many ways developed a way of life that is interrupting and damaging the cycles of fertility. Humans not living where our food grows is hurting health on earth. Humans disrupting migratory patterns, in ways such as for fossil fuel modes of travel, is also hurting life on earth.

Relationships are in need of repair.

My dream is that if humans live more simply, and move towards living in a migratory way again, that other animals will repopulate the earth and that with enthusiastic work we can all live in food forests maintaining vibrant health. However, in the interim i am learning to live as simply, and thus as beautifully, as possible. I seek to live simply in ways that create health for myself and for fellow humans, but also for the air, water, earth, plants, and fellow non-human animals as well. Zero waste is important to me. There is no waste in the wilderness! All of life can be fertility! Valuing energy, learning to love and to be loved, and having wholesome practices are the gifts of living that i am forever learning about.

I believe in patience in this time of fulfilling wants quite tirelessly even though the costs are harmful. I am learning to quiet the voice in me that wants and then which almost immediately leads to, with at times disregard for other life on earth, satisfying the wants.

I remain in love with feeling peaceful, loving, strong, and open.

May the beauty in you prevail.



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