eureka, insight!


I’m typing to share about insight and a different perspective my therapist gave to me. 

Grace, the woman that i went to for guidance is an empathetic listener that practices somatic psycotherapy. She gives activists discounts and has a sliding scale. She is quite a radiant person. Somatic therapy ((hakomi)) states that trauma gets stored in the body and tension and movements can show where that trauma is stored. Really listening to grief can help heal body pain and tension.

When i went to her wishing to learn how to better respond to the voices that I hear that are cruel, + to learn to process and heal from grief so that i can heal more, she gave me two perspectives that i have held onto. First being that the voices often bring up an insecurity or hurt until i address that hurt and insecurity. Maybe repeating words or impressions from others in my life that i care about that have felt hurtful. Maybe bringing up parts of me that i feel are weaknesses. Those insecurities are highlighting parts of myself that need healing. I can see the voices as reminders that i need to put more effort into making those parts of myself strengths. 

Keep in mind that the voices can be very similar to thought patterns of those that dont hear voices.

Secondly, that in emotional states we can get irrational, hysterical, hostile, push people away, and thus hurt people we love. The voices share those behaviors too. The voices can be our allies if we learn to listen to them past their reactive pushing us away presentation of feelings. This is called deescalating. A voice that may give death threats may actually be a concern in ourselves for safety. Thinking death is an escape from feeling emotionally unsafe in our bodies, and thus physically unsafe because emotional stress and sadness can lead to physical pain and dis-ease, ie. weight loss, weight gain, and many other ailments.  Health is a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. A person can eat well and wither if stress is too much. A person can eat moderately well and gain weight because of stress. Sadness can also lead to weight loss or weight gain and many other ailments. 

To be well we need health in all three! physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health! This means needing support from ourselves and those around us. Plus a healthy relationship with our environment. Attending to just one will not bring health, we must attend to all three daily. For me this looks like: (1.) For physical health >> eating well in combination with having many movement practices ((ie stretching, balancing, body strengthening, walking)), (2.) For emotional health >> self awareness, being authentic expressing + processing kindly how i feel as to nurture myself and others so that i can have loving support from myself, friends, and family)), and (3.) For spiritual health >>attending to my spirit ((ie. breathing deeply + presence practices like listening to the rain + birdsong, being near plants, being in awe of the beauty around me, thankfulness, creatively expressing myself with interdependence in mind, making choices with interdependence in mind)). 


Together spiritual, physical, and emotional nurturing create our well being.

I wish that what i have shared can be useful in your healing and thus growth. I know typing such brought more clarity to me.


wishes for abundant health, britta

>>> slight alteration: nothing in nature lives just for oneself! A flowers fragrance helps with being pollinated though a flower creates oxygen, adds beauty, and can be food and medicine. >>>

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