community repair

(A photo of my friend’s hand, and my hand, holding flowers found on the ground)

j and my hand with fallen flowers

Hiya! This blog post is my reflection about why our sense of belonging on Earth, and our sense of belonging in community, has been damaged. Also my words are I wish an invitation for others to share ways they are restoring//mending community, and how individuals may be changing their relationship with the Earth, and her inhabitants, to live more simply and beautifully.

I have been thinking about how paid work that has us giving energy to those not in our ‘tribe’ leaves us depleted energetically and thus very much less able to give care to those we are closest to (aka those in our tribe). I think such has led to the lack of community connection in our culture in the states. The feeling of belonging that is missing, both in how we live on Earth, and in how we relate to each other, has been perhaps the main fuel for the prevailing destructive consumer culture. The lack of connection has made a void which many try to fill, and which society tells us to fill, through accumulating possessions, and through eating habits, which are overwhelmingly at the cost of the Earth, in addition to being at the cost of her inhabitants.

In off shoot of consumer culture that also hurts the earths inhabitants is how our culture models dispose-ability. This is so more than when plastic, fossil fuels, chemicals, etc are consumed and then become pollution, but also when we treat each other as disposable in both friendships and in romance. From personal observation I feel that a lot of humans treat each other as disposable in romantic relationships more so than in friendships. With both a consumer culture and a culture of dispose-ability is there any wonder that we have difficulty connecting with our hearts to see ourselves, let alone each other or other life on earth?


mission trails b with tree

I am wondering if any of ya’ll reading this post are involved with self reclamation, living simply (for the health of the ecosystem), and//or community repair//development? and in what ways? Shown above and below are photos of ways that I have experienced more community and connection: finding fruit trees to harvest and to share with friends, being in the wilderness with kind company such as when meandering in forests and enjoying being in water, protest art that awakens us, and being in awe of the Earth!! Other ways i feel more in harmony with life are through eating a vegan diet, eating sensibly//seasonably//locally, living with ever growing animal care ethics, and simplifying wants//desires as to live in more ways that are friendly to the plants, water, air,  earth, and animals (humans included). In my post ‘wholly healthful’ i share in more detail about ways that i have learned to live more simply, please reference that post if you wish to!

Healthy New Year Wishes!!


Community Repair is needed!!

Self Reclamation is needed.


Sharing is caring!


maya angelou.jpg


<<—-  Thee Earth is beautiful  —->>

the gorge hike view


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3 thoughts on “community repair

  1. I am evolving and with more direct consciousness and self-realization I find my true and likeable self more able to flourish. I now rarely contend with the energies of others as I have found that to be debilitating. Instead I am concentrating on creating my world within and that is exuding to the outside through my conscious evaluations that manifest on the outside through just being alive.

    Living in fear and frustration just cripple; I find shifting my thoughts to reclaim and meditating on being the best me has brought the better of me to others to feel and reflect on, if they so choose. We only plant the seed of change; true change only comes from within. For wherever we go there we are.

    My “tactic” is to influence those who are just a part of my daily life through being the best me: gentle, loving, careful, considerate, and understanding. This is already a huge enough responsibility that I have still much to grow in.

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    1. Yes, change is from within. However, change, as you shared, also impacts how we relate to that which is around us. I believe that being supported in the process of change, by more than ourselves, can be very helpful. We are interdependent//interconnected beings and our health is very much influenced by how we share the earth with each other, in addition to how we share the earth with all of her inhabitants.

      “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” -Plutarch

      “Love liberates, it doesn’t bind.” -Maya Angelou

      (<<—- just added both of those quotes to my post, thank you for inspiring me.)

      I think we are truly loving when we are freeing and empowering ourselves, which in turn helps us to be balanced and healthy enough to support others in their own inner changes. Self-Reclamation is perhaps the first most important step, and is done in recognizing the interdependence in maintaining the health of the ecosystem and thus also the health in ourselves.

      Cultivating health and kindness within, when done with interdependence in mind, I think can lead to us relating to the earth, each other, and all her inhabitants in a way that promotes health for the whole of the ecosystem. In interdependence we recognize that individual health affects the whole ecosystem, as we in turn are also affected by the health of the ecosystem.

      May health prevail.


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