when i breathe out, trees breathe in

my feet are learning
to be grounded and strong.
i stand in lands imbued with wisdom,

which grow and nourish other life.

when i lay still i am carried
through space and time–
thee earth moves, i rest.
energy travels as light in varying forms;
the source i remain in awe of.
i ask love to permeate
so i can feel more alive;
that i may see all there is to love here,

to be aware of life’s sacredness.

is my pulse loves faint song?

is love quieted both by what i may be aware of
and by what may be unknown?
what choices can i make for loving kindness
to fill me?
a chorus of heart beats are resounding,
still the steel river flows, metal hitting air,
the highway is loud.
this morning i remember light

and find comfort in the sunrise.


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